Awesome Ford Hot Rod for Cruising the Las Vegas Strip

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If you had a chance to cruise down the Las Vegas strip in any car or truck, what would it be? While the traffic is normally a nightmare, we’re not sure anything could be particularly fun, but we’ve seen everything and more during our time there. Considering the variety of metal we’ve seen, we’d want to make sure we were in something special. How about this 1933 Ford Coupe?

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This Ford was highlighted by our friends at Hot Rod, and was a car that drew quite a bit of attention at SEMA. It’s difficult to get anyone’s attention at such a show. Why? Because the extraordinary is the norm there. So what made this hot rod stand out?

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If you haven’t already figured it, it’s powered by a vintage 354 Chrysler Hemi. That’s right, folks. This Ford has Chrysler Hemi power.

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If you’re still reading after being disgusted by that fact, stick around. The attention to detail is awesome, and like many SEMA vehicles, many of the components are hand-crafted one-offs. And regardless of what engine it has, we’re sure it’ll scoot down the strip.

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