Your Average F-150 Doing Donuts: Tire Smokin’ Tuesday

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A stock-looking F-150 putting on an incredible smoke show.

This week’s Tire Smokin Tuesday video comes to us from the McSketchy’s Garage YouTube channel and it features a 12th generation Ford F-150 participating in a burnout competition of sorts. While this truck appears to be wearing American tags, this burnout competition looks more like something that we would see in Australia, with an assortment of burnouts and donuts from this average-looking pickup.

Those familiar with our “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” videos are aware that many of the Ford F-150 pickups that we feature are either nice, modified trucks or stripped-down junkers. Seldom do we see a stock-looking truck participating in a burnout competition, especially in the event that the competitors are permitted to roam around while roasting the tires.

In this case, the Ford F-150 destroying its tires looks like a fairly stock pickup. It looks like it might have aftermarket wheels, but in every other way, this half-ton truck looks stock. There are no details, but we can tell from the sound that it is packing one of the three V8 engines offered during the 12th generation. Based on the stance and the lack of 4×4 decals, it would appear that this truck is a rear-drive model, and anyone who has owned a truck like this knows that it is great at smoking the tires.

However, seldom do we see a stock Ford F-150 whipping the back end around and roasting the tires in an Aussie-style burnout competition.

We don’t know how this truck did in the competition, but this Ford F-150 shows that you don’t need a built truck to kick some ass in the burnout pit. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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