Australia Gets Raptor For Police Duty

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Here in the United States, we have some pretty impressive police interceptors. A V8 Charger isn’t exactly a slouch. But if you live in a country where fleeing off-road is even more of an option, you need some serious hardware to pursue.

In Australia, that’s a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor converted for police duty. Is there a more bad ass police vehicle around, except maybe in Dubai?


A regular Raptor was imported to Australia and then converted to right-hand drive by a firm locally. Obligatory lights and equipment are added, along with Australian police livery. The rest of the truck is left mostly unchanged.

It is still powered by the 6.2L V8 and retains the factory Fox Racing suspension setup. “It’s about talking to car enthusiasts on their level and having them understand the technology we have available,” said John Hartley, NSW Police Assistant Commissioner and Commander of Traffic and Highway Patrol. It will definitely do that.


Unfortunately, like a lot of these ventures, the Raptor isn’t going to be used for real patrol duty. Instead, it will be used at events to foster community building and drive awareness to road safety. Dubai does the same thing with their supercar fleet.


Valued at nearly $140,000, it is believed that this Raptor is the only one in Australia for this purpose. It’s not the first time a Raptor has been used for law enforcement, the United States Border Patrol has them in their fleet along the United States / Mexico border.

We love the Raptor, and hopefully the new one will be as awesome as the one it replaces!

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