Aussie Ranger Off-Roading with a Heavy Trailer: Throwback Thursday

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Upcoming American Ranger will be based on this hard-working mid-sized truck, but ours could be even tougher.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video comes to us from Ford New Zealand YouTube channel and it features a video promoting the off-roading and working abilities of the current Ranger pickup. The same people who engineered this truck have been involved in the development of the new midsize pickup set to be released in the U.S. for 2019. In watching this display of the Aussie version at work, we are effectively getting a glimpse into what to expect from the upcoming North American Ranger.

The Ford Ranger hasn’t been offered in an American dealership for a few years, but in multiple markets around the world, the Motor Company’s mid-sized pickup is one of the automaker’s most popular utility models. One of those markets is the Australian continent, where the T6 Ranger has been one of the best models wearing the Blue Oval for those buyers looking for a hard-working machine.

Ranger Off-Road on a Hill

To promote the toughness of the mid-sized truck back in 2017, Ford New Zealand put together a series of YouTube videos called “The Science of Tough.” In each of these videos, the automaker focused on a specific aspect of the Ranger’s capabilities. In this video, the truck pulls a heavy trailer along a rough, muddy logging trail–showing off the ability to both tow, and deal with off-roading situations.

Off-Roading with an Excavator Bucket

In this video, the Australian-issue Ford Ranger Wildtrak Double Cab with the 3.2-liter engine is hooked to a small trailer carrying a huge excavator bucket. The video host explains that the trailer weighs around three tons, so at 6,000 pounds, this load is well below the 3,500-kilogram, 7,700-pound towing capacity. However, this video isn’t about how much the truck can pull but rather, how much it can pull in rough terrain.

Ranger Climbing a Hill with a Trailer

The work begins on a paved road, but the Ranger quickly turns onto a rough logging road, pulling the 6,000-pound trailer through miles of steep, sloppy roads on the way to the jobsite.

While the 2019 Ford Ranger sold in the U.S. will differ from this truck, we know that the new midsize pickup sold in North America will be even better than the truck in action in this video.

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