Aussie Ford Everest SUV Spied Cruising Around Dearborn

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Ford Everest

Is this undisguised Ford Everest really just a test mule, or is there some 2020 Bronco underneath that sheetmetal?

It wasn’t all that long ago that people were freaking out. About, among other things, rumors that the 2020 Bronco would be nothing more than a rebadged Ford Everest. Those rumors were so pervasive, in fact, that former Ford Executive Vice President Raj Nair was essentially forced to come out and deny them. Since then, all has seemingly been made right with the world and we now know that the new Bronco will wear its own, unique, throwback bodywork.

So why, exactly, would a Ford Everest be spotted cruising around American roads? More specifically, the Blue Oval’s Global Product Development centers in Dearborn, Michigan? With, we might add, zero attempt to disguise it? The Aussie ‘ute was caught red-handed (literally) doing just that by The Drive, and its presence raises a number of questions.  Namely, is this some sort of thinly veiled effort at testing out powertrain or suspension parts for the upcoming Bronco revival?

Ford Everest

The Drive reached out to Ford in an attempt to get some answers. And the response they received was unsurprisingly undramatic and devoid of any exciting bombshells. “Ford is a global automotive company and Dearborn is one of our Global Product Development centers, where we occasionally review and test global products,” said Mike Levine, Ford North America Product Communications Manager.

So there you have it. Apparently, Ford just shipped a new Ford Everest stateside to see how it, uh, drives on American roads. Or something like that. Maybe they’re thinking about selling the off-road SUV here. Or, as we’d like to think, there’s a Bronco lurking underneath that sheetmetal. That model is slated to go on sale sometime late next year. So it would only make sense that we might begin to start seeing test mules running around!

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