August 3, 1999 – Ford Motor Company begins producing low emissions pickup trucks nationwide

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Ford Motor Company begins
producing low emissions pickup trucks nationwide

NORFOLK, Va., August 3, 1999 — Ford Motor Company today produced
the first of its 2000
model F-Series pickup trucks to be sold nationally as Low Emission
Vehicles (LEV) far in advance of government regulation.

we are bringing to reality Ford’s commitment to set itself apart
from other auto makers through our ‘Cleaner, Safer Sooner,’
campaign,” said Tom Phillips, Norfolk Assembly Plant manager.
“Ford’s leadership is redefining the standard by which corporations
are being measured in environmental responsibility.”

In May,
Ford President and CEO Jac Nasser announced that all pickup trucks
sold in the U.S. and Canada – about three quarters of a million —
would be Low Emission Vehicles (LEV), well ahead of proposed
government regulation and with no additional cost to customers.

Beginning with the 2000 model year for the F-150s built at the
Norfolk Assembly Plant, the F-Series pickup fleet will average smog
forming emission levels 43 percent cleaner than before it was
classified as a LEV.

“At Ford, our goal is to become the
world’s most environmentally progressive automaker,” said Gurminder
Bedi, vice president – Truck Vehicle Center. “We believe it is
possible for people to be environmentalists and auto enthusiasts.
That’s what customers and communities are demanding of us, and
that’s what Ford is demanding of itself.”

Ford produces more
than 800,000 F-Series pickups annually and about 360,000 Ranger
compact pickups. Rangers and the SVT Lightning are scheduled to be
low emission vehicles by 2001.

Last year, Ford began production
of low emission sport utility vehicles and Windstar minivans and
remains unmatched by other auto makers on that broad environmental
commitment. The LEV sport utility vehicles are: Ford Explorer,
Ford Expedition; Ford Excursion; Mercury Mountaineer and Lincoln

SUV and Windstar production will equal about 1
million units and, when joined with pickups, Ford will be putting
two million Low Emission Vehicle trucks on the road annually at full
production. Ford trucks and SUVs that meet Low Emission Vehicle
status will emit on average about 48 percent fewer smog-forming
emissions than trucks and SUVs that do not meet LEV.

combined effect of the emissions actions that Ford has taken on
SUVs, and will take with full-size pickups is equivalent to
eliminating smog forming emissions from 350,000 full-size pickups on
the road today.

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