Beautiful Ford Model A Tanker Is Headed to Auction

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Ford Model A Truck Mecum

Restored Model A Texaco tanker could be the centerpiece of your collection. We’re just glad to see a pre-war commercial vehicle!

The way the demand for vintage Ford trucks is going, expect to see a lot more of them on the auction block in the coming years. Prices are skyrocketing on the venerable F-Series, and we love seeing those ‘60s F-100s on the Mecum auction dockets. But sometimes, it’s older classics that truly catch our attention.

Model A

This 1930 Ford Model A Tanker is absolutely remarkable, and it’s up for auction at Mecum Chicago in October. We rarely see working vehicles from the first half of the century that survive at all, and this one has made it through decades with enough intact to merit a full restoration.

Ford Model A Truck Mecum

That work all looks impeccable. While the tank no longer serves to haul Texaco lubricants and fuel, it was good enough to continue the look of a period-correct tanker. Everything else on it from the red paint to the green wire wheels looks splendid.

Another shot of the Model A interior coachwork would be great, but the one interior glimpse suggests the cabin is as gorgeous as the rest of it. Everything has earned a rebuild, and that includes the wooden bed, the little four-pot engine rebuilt by Antique Engines in Skokie, Illinois, and the three-speed manual transmission.

Valuation on something like this varies so wildly that we won’t even hazard a guess as to its final gavel price. Hint: It won’t be cheap!

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