At This Farm, the Veggies are Yellow and Red, and the Vehicles are Blue (Oval)

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Five Ford Farm 3

If you take a walk around your neighborhood, you’re likely to encounter a driveway full of vehicles that makes you think, I know which brand that family’s a fan of.

Visitors to Donna and Steve Bryant’s home or hobby farm, “Wacky Acre,” in Draper, Utah leave with no doubt of which vehicle manufacturer the couple prefers. They have a Ranger for taking corn and tomatoes to the local farmers market. Steve drives to his job at an engineering firm in a Focus. Donna uses an Escape to get to the craft store at which she works. It also comes in handy for getting the Bryants’ pottery wares to the farmers market to display to potential buyers. When the Bryants aren’t working, they occasionally cruise around in a 1955 Thunderbird. The couple even owns a 1948 8N tractor. All Fords. All red.

Five Ford Farm 2

The fact that there’s an all-Ford family out there is not really surprising. The fact that this one has a farm and not one of its Fords is an F-150 is a bit of a shocker, though.

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Ford Ranger photo credit [My Ford]

Ford 8N tractor photo credit [Wikipedia]

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