Are You Planning to Buy a New 2019 Ford Ranger?

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2019 Ford Ranger

We know everything there is to know about the 2019 Ford Ranger. Now we just want to know if you’re buying one!

We’re inching ever closer to the arrival (rebirth?) of the 2019 Ford Ranger. We now know how much it’s going to cost, what colors are available, and even what the interior looks like. Now there’s just one tiny question left to ask – are people going to buy them? And to gauge interest in Ford’s new mid-size pickup, we needn’t look any further than the Ford Truck Enthusiasts forums. Because it’s there that member ArmamentDawg recently started a thread asking that very same question.

Some, including Pgh Rebel, have obviously done their homework.

The pros:
Perfect size for what I need
A lot of power
Should have decent fuel economy
Full warranty
Should be able to get one well-optioned
It is a Ford

The cons:
High payments
Turbo-4 (I’m leary of turbos after a bad experience with a previous car)
Way too complicated
No manual transmission (Why aren’t I used to this by now?)
Will need premium fuel
Fuel economy will drop as soon as I start workin’ it

Bottom line: I don’t know. I’m a few years out yet from buying anything so I’ll shop it against the GM twins and whatever Nissan decides to do with the Frontier and decide then.”

Ranger Raptor

Others, like johnday, are already convinced.

“Getting anxious myself. 300 hp sounds appealing, and there’s room for more. Screw the mileage as long as it’s somewhat reasonable. Can’t wait to see what kind of aftermarket mods there will be. Plus, it oughta look good parked next to my ’04 Edge.”

But quite a few members are still waiting for all the final specs to come out before making their decision. Plus, the thought of a high-tech ride with a turbocharged four-cylinder is hard to swallow for old school truck guys.

“I’m thinking about getting one, but I want to see the full specs before I decide,” admits reddog99. “300 hp is very tempting, but it’s coming with a great deal of complexity.”

“I don’t necessarily think turbos are the best,” adds phoskins. “I think everything is too complicated, anyway! I would wait at least a year or two before I’d buy one, just to let them build a reputation. Whether good or bad.”

2019 Ford Ranger

Of course, we’ve already seen pretty good reliability out of the Ecoboost in the many applications it’s been in over the last several years. But still, we want to know what you think. So head over here and let us know if you’re planning on buying a 2019 Ford Ranger, and why or why not!

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