April 17, 1999 – Zero emission Ford Ranger EV tames the wild things at the Detroit Zoo

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Zero emission Ford Ranger EV tames the wild things at the Detroit Zoo

ROYAL OAK, Mich., April 17, 1999 – Ford Motor Company, Detroit Edison and The Detroit Zoo are partnering to help keep the animals at the zoo a little calmer during feeding time.

Ford will deliver an electric powered Ranger EV during the Detroit Zoo’s Earth Day celebration on April 17. The quiet, zero-emissions truck will be used to feed animals in a less invasive and disturbing manner than a louder, emissions-producing vehicle. The Ranger EV will be powered by an on-site charging station donated by Detroit Edison.

Ford Ranger EVs are being used in several zoos across the country for two very important reasons: they cut down on prolonged exposure to harmful emissions and are virtually silent, causing less disturbance to the sometimes sensitive animal population. The Detroit Zoo joins zoos in cities like Atlanta and Washington DC in using Ford electric Rangers to deliver food and perform other zoo tasks.

Detroit Edison also believes in the value of electric vehicles in zoo operations. The company will not only donate the charging station, but will provide installation, driver training and emergency response training for the vehicle. “As part of a local EV Ready project, the delivery and installation of an EV project at the zoo is a step in the direction of preparing our communities for the future,” says John Olsen, Program Manager Advanced Technologies for Detroit Edison.

“We are grateful to Ford and Detroit Edison for loaning the Ranger EV and charging station to the zoo,” says Rana Kozouz, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Detroit Zoo. ” We plan to use this quiet, zero emissions truck to haul food silently and safely to our animals.”

The Ranger EV is based on Ford’s best-selling compact truck and is the leading electric powered vehicle in production today. “Like all Ford trucks, the Ranger EV is `Built Ford Tough’,” says Mike McCabe, Worldwide Marketing Manager for Alternative Fuel Vehicles at Ford. “Our customers asked for an EV that drives with the safety, reliability and durability of a conventional vehicle and that’s what they get with this truck.”

The delivery of this truck to the Detroit Zoo not only demonstrates the zoo’s commitment to keeping it’s animals safe and happy, but also shows the commitment of Ford and Detroit Edison to community partnership and environmental consciousness.

In 1998, Ford sold about 370 Ranger EVs throughout the United States.

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