Prepare for the Apocalypse With a 1976 Ford SWAT Truck

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If you’re okay with sticking out like a sore thumb and a Spartan interior, this hidden gem will help you survive anything.

Craigslist, as we’ve all come to find out can be a hit or a miss. Depending on the area, enthusiasts can find interesting vehicles at an affordable price. This 1976 “SWAT” Ford Step Van is a prime example of the crazier side of the popular site.

We found this Craigslist posting in the Los Angeles area for this Ford van that was allegedly used by SWAT. According to the listing, the elite police force used it as an alcohol patrol vehicle in Southern California. As such, it comes with “lights, sirens, lasers, flashers” and more. But these have all been disconnected, because you can’t have too much fun on the road.

1976 Ford Step Van SWAT

If the lights and sires don’t get other drivers’ attention, the exterior is capable of doing that on its own. The black van is based on a Ford dually chassis cab, and has a white roof, chrome bumper guard, and three red stripes on the lower part of the vehicle. The van was probably a menacing machine in its heyday, but has gone downhill despite its low 47k miles.

According to the listing, “This van is one-of-a-kind and gets tons of attention as you drive along. People stop us and want to take pictures of it. Cars pull aside and allow you to pass!” There’s no way one will get over the hideous exterior, but having the ability to drive others out of your way on the road has to be fun.


If you think the exterior is bad, you might not want to see the interior. The area surrounding the steering wheel and front seats shows a lot of wear and tear, while the rest of the interior is wood. No, that’s not a typo, this van has enough wood to make a beaver blush with cabinets and compartments throughout.


The price for this bundle of awesomeness is $8,500, which isn’t exactly cheap. But then again, you do get an awning that retracts for people to watch movies and an electric grill on the outside. If you can get past its looks, this van might be the perfect vehicle to have in the case of an apocalypse.

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