Any Way to Get Better Mileage in Your Ford Truck?

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FTE forum members provide solid advice for fellow enthusiast’s ‘sh**ty mileage’ situation.

If you’re the type of truck enthusiast that likes to take your Ford truck out on long weekend drives and put it through a lot of work, you’ve probably already pondered every way you can get the best performance and mileage out of your vehicle.

One Ford Truck Enthusiasts forum member, mgfranz, was wondering the same thing about his 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty, and he decided to go to the forums to get some advice on his “sh**ty mileage” situation.

Fellow forum members were quick to chime in with advice, suggestions and stories about how they have learned to get the best mileage out of their vehicles, and they share these tips in the forum member’s thread. The feedback runs the gamut from funny comments to serious suggestions.

With gas prices on the rise, this is an invaluable thread that you may want to check out. The general consensus to getting better mileage seems to be the common sense tactic of just driving slower. However, there is also a lot of unique advice based on real-life experience. And you’ll find that invaluable advice right here, and free, no less!

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