Another Look at the Atlas Concept Before Detroit

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by Marcus Slater

Ford brought the Atlas concept out to Cars and Coffee a few months ago. This video has been in the forums since last May, but I figure some of you all hadn’t gotten a chance to see this thing “in person.”

You can get a look at what’s happening under the hood at the 1:10 minute mark, although to be honest, it’s just a pretty plain engine bay. Still, this is probably the best example of what the F-150 will look like when it debuts in Detroit.

Personally, if it looks anything close to the Atlas, I’ll be happy with the design. You can count on them dumping those opening and closing wheel slats though. Something tells me that those would be the first things to break if you ever put them on a production model. On the other hand, they’d probably be useful at saving you gas right up until they don’t.

What do you think Ford should be doing with new F-150? Is the Atlas a good example for them to stick with?

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