A Gorgeous Bare Metal 1941 Ford Hot-Rod with a 351 V8

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Since last week’s perfectly preserved, bare metal ’32 Ford went over so well, we thought we’d bring you fine people one more killer bare metal Ford this week.

Here we have a ’41 Ford hot-rod, complete in its naked glory that debuted at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California.


In a twist of fate, the owner of Hot Rods & Hobbies, Scott Bonowski, actually found this 1941 Ford the previous year at this same event, however the truck was definitely more worse for wear.

It carried its 80 years badly, but Scott saw potential in the truck and bought it on the spot. Now he’s back and the Ford is almost done.


The bed has been lengthened a tad, the headboard has been designed to mimic the bead stamped tailgate, an industrial tailgate latch has been added, as well as taillights from a 1937 have been incorporated into the trucks design.


Thankfully, like the previous bare metal hot rod, the owner didn’t go LS in their quest for hot rod glory, but rather with a Ford 351 V8 and stacks!

The truck is absolutely gorgeous, but Scott has said that he will finish the truck in full paint which seems like a shame because it will cover that perfect metal body.

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