What Are the Douchiest Things You’ve Seen Pickup Truck Drivers Do?

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Whether you own a lifted Super Duty or a midsize Ranger, there are things that all, if not most truck owners do that drives others insane.

In case you’re wondering, pulling a gun out on anyone is flat out insane (unless they’re doing the same to you), so please, don’t do that. We may all agree that trucks are cooler, but do we agree on; “bigger the truck the bigger the ego?” The rumor is that guys with big trucks are typically trying to compensate for something else, which I disagree. That being said, I do know for a fact that big tires, big suspension, and big exhaust pipes typically come with attitude baggage.

As a previous truck owner, I know I’m guilty as charged of a few of these. Are you?

Taking up Multiple Parking Spots


Okay, while this is more commonly done by BMW drivers, I never fail to witness a parking spot hog at the local supermarket. Seriously, even if you drive a big truck, there usually isn’t a need to take up valuable parking real estate.

Not Being Able to Park


I just witnessed this one the other day, and I even took a photo of it. A guy in a Ford F-350 had all the room in the world to maneuver his truck into a spot, but instead he climbed over the sidewalk while trying to park. He eventually gave up and his parking job looked like this.



This one applies to more than truck owners, but there’s something about sitting high up that makes us tailgate and push people out of our way more often than cars do. We may feel big and mighty behind the wheel, but remember not to be an asshole.

Creating Invisible Roads


I grew up in the one and only truck capital of the world—Texas. In Texas people don’t like to wait, and if they’re truck owners, they often find themselves creating their own invisible roads through ditches, medians, sidewalks, front yards, etc. Remember, just because you can drive over anything, it doesn’t really mean you should.

Buy Pissing Dude Stickers


Hey Mr. Ford truck owner, we all know you love your Ford truck, but is it really necessary to buy a 16-inch sticker of some dumb kid pissing on the Chevy logo? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Ford supremacy, but that’s just a bit childish, no?

Are you a one-time or a repeat-offender? Tell us!

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Photos via: [Jalopnik]

Jerry Perez is a regular contributor to Ford Truck Enthusiasts, Corvette Forum, and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites.

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