An Overview of the Ford Truck Towing App

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The Ford truck towing app is a software application available to F-series owners. These vehicles are equipped with an LCD screen that gives drivers information about fuel economy, vehicle performance, and travel information. The new app, introduced in March 2011, gives drivers even more help while towing. There are lots of new features to discover about this new application that was designed for towing safety.

Towing Checklist

Many F-series owners haul a trailer from time to time. The application is designed to make towing safer and easier. Once you begin the trailer’s set up, you will be given a checklist of items that should be completed. The Ford truck towing app will ask you if you locked the ball and raised the tongue jack. The checklist continues with prompts to check your mirrors, lights, safety chains, and more. You will be prompted to set the brake controller, remove wheel shocks, and connect safety chains. After each prompt, you just push "OK" to confirm that the process is completed.


You can store information for up to 10 different trailers, giving each their own name. You will be able to see important information about each trailer, such as mileage, brake gain, and output. The software is displayed on a larger-than-average screen, which measures 4 inches by 2 inches, about the size of a cell phone. It is easy to use and understand, and is only available on Ford trucks. The software stores the information and keeps pertinent information right at your fingertips. This software will hopefully prevent drivers from forgetting an important step while hitching up their trailer. The program is custom made for the particular truck you own.

Off-Road Information

For those who find themselves towing off-road, the Ford truck towing app can be a big help. There is a menu of items on the left side of the screen to choose from. You can choose the gauge mode, which tells about the temperature of the transmission oil. The trip menu gives pertinent information such as fuel economy, mileage, and trip information. There are lots of extra settings which allow the driver to check the oil life, set the brakes on the trailer, and more. There is also an information system that monitors tire pressure, does system checks, and alerts the driver of trailer sway. The screen also shows the angle your truck is traveling at, as well as the steering angle. You will see gear selection on the right side of the screen. All of this information gives drivers the edge when maneuvering over tricky elevation changes and uneven terrain.

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