An Inside at Look at the 2015 Ford Mustang’s Design Process

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The people who designed and created the 2015 Ford Mustang are like character actors. Even though a teenager in Sheboygan, Wisconsin might not be able to look at 2015 Mustang Chief Engineer Dave Pericak and tell you his name, he or she is familiar with his work.

There’s another similarity: Just as an actor playing someone famous, such as Marlon Brando, in a film has a great responsibility to his fans to do the legend justice, Mustang designers had to produce a car that would take the nameplate into the future without alienating those who love its previous generations.

No pressure. Only the entire world watched to see how Ford would commemorate the 50th anniversary of its car that changed the automotive landscape. Now, 51 years after the Mustang debuted at the 1964 New York World’s Fair, Ford brings you an inside look at how the 2015 Mustang was designed and the expectations Ford’s stylists and engineers faced while working on it.

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They proved that bigger is not always better. The visually shrink-wrapped new car’s hood and roof are both 30 mm lower and its rear end has been dropped a whopping 70 mm. Combine those changes with a 40-mm wider rear end and you’ve got a Mustang that looks leaner and sleeker than the car it replaces. If you happen to see an S550 parked next to an S197 Mustang, you’ll easily spot the differences all that streamlining made.

Later this week, you’ll see how the Blue Oval’s Mustang team decided on the looks of the new version’s interior.

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