America’s Bestselling Truck Shines at the 2011 Mecum Monterey Auction

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by Patrick Rall

While high performance muscle cars are the main attraction at Dana Mecum’s incredible collector’s auctions, trucks always make up a fair part of the field, with gorgeous stock and custom trucks from the early days of the Model A pickup to modern models like the Ford SVT Raptor.  Mecum is like a car show for the best for-sale vehicles in the country, and as the popularity of their massive auctions have grown, so has the number of events each year.  The Monterey show officially opened this morning at 8am and over the next four days, Dana Mecum’s auctioneers will sell hundreds of vehicles for millions of dollars.

The beauty of the Mecum auction lineup is the fact that they offer something for everyone.  Whether you are working on a tight budget to buy that perfect new project or you’re looking to spend big bucks on a turnkey show vehicle ““ be it in car or truck ““ Mecum has you covered.  Even if you aren’t in the market for a new classic vehicle, attending a Mecum auction is like going to an amazing car show with some of the most elite vehicles from the last hundred years”¦and they’re all for sale to the highest bidder.

While the majority of the vehicles are cars, the Mecum Monterey auction offers a great chance to snag some beautiful Ford trucks from the dawn of the pickup to modern time.  We have picked through the long list of vehicles in attendance to offer a look at just what to expect from the 2011 Monterey Mecum auction as far as classic Ford trucks go.

4. 1956 Ford F100 Big Window Pickup – Lot #F182

In 1956, the Ford F100 pickup was continuing to grow in popularity but Henry Ford surely never envisioned his classic pickups to look like this.  This restomodded beauty is a gorgeous example of a classic truck with modern technology.  First of all, it is powered by a late model 5.0L V8 and automatic transmission to help turn those huge rear tires tucked under the rounded bedsides.  The owner has added power steering and a modern interior for optimum comfort.

3. 1975 Ford Bronco – Lot #F12

Sport utility vehicles have become a major player in the automotive world, but in the 1970s, full size vehicles like the Ford Bronco helped to introduce the segment.  Even though the Bronco name is long gone from the Ford lineup, this vehicle lead the way for Ford’s popular SUVs today.

2. 1931 Ford Model A Pickup – Lot #F83

While the Ford Model T is the vehicle most commonly connected to the early age of the American auto industry, the Model A pickup helped to popularize Ford’s pickup and helped Ford get back the market share taken by GM in the later years of the Model T.  This Model A is a gorgeous example of the final year of the Model A run, powered by the 40hp 4-cylinder and a 3-speed manual transmission.

1. 1953 Ford F100 Pickup ““ Lot #F69

This is the truck that began the Ford F Series as we know it today.  The 1953 F100 marked the beginning of the truck lineup that would serve as Ford’s mainstay in the half ton truck market until the F150 was introduced in 1975.  This truck is powered by Ford’s 239 cubic inch flathead V8 ““ offering 106 horsepower to the rear wheels via a 3-speed manual transmission.

If you can’t get to Monterey for the 2011 Mecum Daytime Auction, you can check out Discovery HD Theater for LIVE coverage on Thursday from 3-7 PM, Friday from 1-5 PM and Saturday from 1-5 PM.

If you could bid on any classic truck, which would it be, and how much would you pay? Voice your opinion here!

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