The Most American Ad Ever. Because ‘Murica!

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Alright everyone, prepare to be subjected to the most American thing, or at least what advertisers believe is the most American thing, on the planet.

It features a hot chick, a massive burger, an American flag bikini, a hot tub, and a massive F-650 pickup truck. AND LOTS OF SEXY INNUENDOS.

The ad opens with the announcer stating, “What’s more American than a cheeseburger? This cheeseburger, loaded with a hot dog and potato chips.”

And obviously you need a hot woman eating the burger, in the aforementioned American flag bikini, in a hot tub, while the national anthem playing in the background, and the F-650 with more American flags, while doing a burnout, being driven by a bull rider, on the deck of an aircraft carrier, with New York and One World Trade in the background, with jets taking off, and fireworks, with the Statue of Liberty.


Because ‘Murica!

Then it all comes back to the hot woman in the bikini in the hot tub eating something she’s obviously never eaten in her life. Thanks Carl’s Jr!

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