Ford F-Series Is America’s Best Selling Truck for 40 Years Straight

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40 years

Regardless of Being at the Top of Their Game for 40 Years, Ford Keeps Evolving and Improving. That’s What Real Success Looks Like

It’s official. Ford F-Series is America’s best selling trucks since 1977. Or to put it in simple terms, for 40 consecutive years. That’s right, no other truck has even come close to knocking Ford off the top step.

That’s a very powerful statement, but there’s another one that’s equally impressive. The Ford F-Series is also America’s best selling vehicle for 35 years straight. According to Ford Motor Company, the manufacturer has placed over 26 million trucks on the road since 1977. Now that’s a ton of trucks!

We often hear from forum members what they love most about their trucks. For some it’s their looks, their optional equipment, and more. But for most, it’s the capabilities that each truck possesses that get the job done right. You also can’t forget reliability. After all, a capable truck is worthless if it’s not reliable. Perhaps that’s why their slogan is “Ford Owns Work.”

It’d be impossible to name every single change that’s taken place since 1977, as every nut and bolt has changed since then. And perhaps that’s what makes the F-Series a best-seller. The constant evolution and Ford’s attitude of always improving and perfecting. The F-150 and the rest of the F-Series lineup hasn’t always been perfect over the years, and never will be. But their relentless quest for quality, and listening to customer feedback has not once quivered in 40 years.

40 years

“The 1980 model was a breakthrough generation for Ford,” said historian and author James Wagner. “It was all new – probably the greatest change in 40 years. It was fresh and had a strong emotional appeal with the twin I-beam front suspension. From that point on, things really went Ford’s way as far as trucks were concerned.”

Always Listening to Customer Feedback

Being able to quickly adapt to consumer preferences and needs has been crucial to remaining at the top for 40 years. Beginning with the King Ranch in 2001, Ford offered luxury edition pickups that provided a combination of capability, style and comfort. Furthermore, models like the Platinum and Limited series went further, featuring leather seating, rich wood trim, full power accessories and premium sound systems.

Currently, Ford offers a wide range of F-Series trucks with various features and benefits. Ranging from naturally-aspirated work trucks, to twin-turbocharged EcoBoost daily drivers, to $80k Super Duty pickups. Regardless of your purpose, there’s a Ford truck for you.

Congratulations on 40 years of success!

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