Amazing 1979 Ford F-150 Found in Storage with 17K Miles

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1979 Ford F-150

Beautiful Ford F-150 going up for auction on Oct. 25 looks like it’s been touched up in all the right places. And we’d be happy to take it home!

Long ignored by the collector crowd, old trucks are steadily gaining in popularity. Thus, we’re being treated to all sorts of amazing “finds” that are in way nicer condition than what we’ve become accustomed to. A perfect example of this phenomenon is the pickup you see before you. This stunning 1979 Ford F-150 is set to be auctioned off at Mecum Chicago on October 25. And we’re more than a little curious to see how it does.

Mainly because you don’t see 17k original mile ’70s trucks every day. Which is what the mileage on this beauty is “believed” to be. It’s also said to be “highly original,” though there are some obvious touch ups here and there. For starters, the engine has been repainted, along with the inner fenders. The interior has also been completely restored, which is a bit of a red flag. But then again, maybe those big Wisconsin mice just chewed up the old one while it sat in storage.

1979 Ford F-150

Thus, it’s important to appreciate this gorgeous Ford F-150 for what it is. And at face value, that’s a beautiful truck in excellent condition. Without documentation, it’s just too difficult to prove that the odometer reading is in fact real. But so long as you don’t pay a premium for that distinction, who really cares?

1979 Ford F-150

So pick this one apart if you wish. But we could quite honestly care less about the collector aspect of this beautiful Ford F-150. We just want to see it parked in our driveway. Plus, we’d be more than happy to drive it anywhere and make up for all those miles it’s missed over the last few decades!

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