Aluminum Bed Popping? Plus Other 2015 F-150 Questions Answered!

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Last week, I asked if you had any specific questions related to the 2015 Ford F-150 that you’d like answered. Here are some of those questions that I have answered.

Since the 2015 F-150 features a mostly-aluminum design, with some new technology features, there are a lot of questions out there about the durability of the new trucks. Since I have one this week for a loan, it seems only logical to attempt to tackle some of the questions you have.

Here we go!

Why Give a Crap About Fuel Economy?

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“Why is it you people at Ford are trying to get as many mpgs with a truck? It’s a truck not a car. Gas mileage isn’t on your mind when buying a truck. Your paying for power not fuel efficiency. If your worried about mpgs then a truck isn’t for you. Bring back the 5.4 and the 5.8.”

Before addressing the question, I should clarify that I am not an employee of the Ford Motor Company. That being said, miles-per-gallon is an important number that all manufacturers are chasing. Along with controlling carbon footprint, Ford is federally mandated to meet a Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standard.

Additionally, MPG is a deciding factor for many people when it comes to purchasing a truck. For the individual, they feel it at the pump. But more importantly, fleet buyers will care. One or two MPG saved on one truck isn’t a big deal, but one or two MPG saved on 1,000 trucks is.

Some people only care about power, especially enthusiasts. But we need to remember we’re in the minority.

Bring Back the 5.4L Triton!


I saw several questions posing this.

“the v6 engine is nice but I would like to see a new and improved 54 engine the old one did not have very much horsepower”

Technically speaking, they did improve the engine. They did so by dumping it in favor of the 5.0L and the EcoBoost 3.5L. No, it doesn’t have the same displacement, but it’s capable of doing more work. Aren’t trucks about getting work done?

Bed Popping Noises?

F-150 Bed

“When you stand in the middle of the bed does it make popping sounds like the one I demoed awhile back…”

I hopped up in there yesterday and jumped around. I’m not a small man, but I didn’t notice any quality issues, including a popping noise when walking around or standing in the back of the truck. Even when jumping around I didn’t hear anything.

That being said, I was curious. I drove to my local Ford dealership and climbed in the back of a few different 2015 F-150s, including one with the factory spray-in bedliner. I did notice the popping you were talking about.

From what I can tell, the popping occurs around the bolts that attach the bed to the base of the truck. The noise I heard sounds like the bed settling. Since the truck I’m driving has been driven by other journalists, I’m assuming the bed has been used and allowed to settle.

I’ll keep my proverbial ears open to see if anyone is having a long-term issue with it.

Have any additional questions? I’ll keep an eye out for anything else that might warrant a post, so sound off in the thread on the forums!

Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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