Alright, Alright, Alright: Texas Police Spoof the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Ads

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Ad agencies primarily work with words and images, but that doesn’t mean they completely ignore numbers. They know what an investment is. They know they have to put money into a campaign for it to stand a chance of attracting consumers.

However, sometimes a campaign gets picked up by popular culture and generates product awareness without the agency pouring any more money into it. The product begins to get free press. Just ask the Lincoln Motor Company. Their commercials featuring Matthew McConaughey have gotten quite a bit of it. Here’s one of the odd, intense spots:

“Saturday Night Live” and Jim Carrey saw comedy gold in them and decided to make their own versions:

Even cops, such as those from the Cedar Hill Police Department in Cedar Hill, TX, got in on the act. Of course, police officers don’t use Lincolns as patrol vehicles, so the Ford Police Interceptor Utility got a chance to shine:

It’s so nice to see there are cops with a sense of humor – unlike this guy…

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