‘Alpha Dually’ Is a Super Duty on Steroids (Video)

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When you’re trying to build a truck like no other, sometimes you have to resort to unconventional methods.

Nothing tends to rile up the masses more than a show truck like the behemoth Super Duty you see before you. After all, what good is a lifted dually, especially with mud tires, if it never sees the mud? Or tows a trailer? Well, it’s good for showing off. And nothing on the planet has more presence than this insane Super Duty build, owned by Josh Burnett. So, of course, diesel truck-loving YouTuber rekjavicxxx had to get a closer look.

Super Duty

It took a mere 9 months to turn this once-stock 2017 Super Duty into the mad scientist, SEMA-worthy creation you see before you. According to Burnett, the goal was to build the first lifted Super Duty dually on 28-inch wheels. So he took his new F-450 and partnered up with B&C Off-Road to make it a reality. It should come as no surprise that tires were the biggest obstacle on the build. Because nobody makes them. So those massive meats you see were sourced from a tractor.

Super Duty

To make room, the lift had to be cranked up to a full 20 inches. It’s also interesting that Burnett and crew utilized leaf springs out back in lieu of the typical air bags, but they’re going in eventually. Burnett says that he likes to actually use the truck and tow with it (gasp!), so he’s going to have some more conventional 26-inch rubber for daily driving.

Super Duty

He also admits that building a truck like this doesn’t make much sense, and talks about how frustrating it can be. But the rewards for doing so are obviously there. The truck known appropriately as “Alpha Dually” garnered a ton of attention on its way to SEMA. And at the show, many considered it to be the best of the wild bunch. We’re just happy to hear that he’s going to drive the thing. And we look forward to any follow up videos of that!

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