All U.S.-market Fords to Have Vehicle-to-Everything Tech by 2022

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Ford C-V2X

Ford’s take on upcoming C-V2X standard should make driving easier, so long as all else is ready.

So long as there have been vehicles and roads for them to use, safely navigating our favorite cities, towns, and highways has been on the minds of all concerned parties. Signs, lights, road markings, all have helped to keep drivers, riders, and pedestrians safe thus far.

Now, new technologies will take such things to the next level, and according to the Blue Oval, Ford wants to be at the forefront of the new wave in safe navigation by having all of its vehicles ready to talk to each other and to everything else by 2022.

Ford C-V2X

In a blog post on Medium by Don Butler, the executive director of Ford’s Connected Vehicle program, the technology, known as C-V2X (Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything, developed by Qualcomm) will help its vehicles talk with “similarly equipped vehicles, people and traffic management infrastructure such as traffic lights… relay important information and help make city mobility safer and less congested” via the upcoming 5G cellular network.

Ford Expedition

What does this mean for you? Butler says you’ll be able to better navigate four-way stops when your F-150 negotiates with a Ranger as to who has the right of way, pedestrians with smartphones can let a few Mustangs know where they are, and businesses with Transit Connects in their fleets can be informed of when the light will change before it does so.

Ford C-V2X

Butler adds that Ford’s take on C-V2X would work with the Blue Oval’s suite of driver-assist and safety technologies, Co-Pilot360, and that the foundation for their vehicle-to-everything system would be fully set by the end of 2019, when every model sold in the United States would have cellular connectivity.

We look forward to a future where our Expeditions only have to deal with getting the groceries, instead of everything else.

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