Ford F-150 Raptor: All-Terrain Fun in the Sun

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Youtuber uses new Raptor to do donuts, slide through sand, and sling up mud –on the truck and his cameraman.

The new Ford Raptor was designed to do it all. Its Sport mode and 450-horsepower 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 enable it to blast down paved roads in a hurry. Its ample ground clearance and various terrain modes give it the ability to travel over snow, mud, sand, and rocks with ease. In the video above, the guys at the Youtube channel 420 motors encounter many of those conditions in their second-generation Ford F-150 Raptor – especially mud.

They head out to a place in Southern California called Azusa Canyon, a sprawling expanse of land that serves as a playground for adults to play on with their off-road toys. The 420 motors guys start horsing around before they even get off of paved roads. After zipping through the winding roads on the way to the off-road park (and making a few comments about unsavory cyclists), they pull over to a roadside spot and start ripping donuts in the Raptor, leaving black streaks on the pavement and a massive cloud of tire smoke in the air. Ford F-150 Raptor in Azusa Canyon

Once out at the proper OHV area, the fellas splash through a rocky stream that comes up to the Raptor’s running boards. After that, the action goes from wet and wild to down and dirty. During a videography session, the guys discover how much their rear auxiliary lights affect the Raptor’s departure angle. Then it’s time to get the Raptor sideways in the dirt. The truck can handle it without a problem. If only it could sound as badass as it looks while doing it…

It’s relatively dry out at Azusa Canyon, but the 420 motors dudes manage to find a suitable mud bog. Of course, getting a good shot of the action from inside the truck requires the shotgun cameraman to have his window down. His devotion is also his biggest mistake. During a charge through the muck, mud flies up and into the truck, splattering the hapless videographer and his equipment. He’s understandably confused and upset. Judging by his reaction, his pal behind the wheel does not seem to share his sentiments.

None of the action proves to be beyond the Raptor’s capabilities, but that just means the 420 motors crew can see everything Azusa Canyon has to offer and do it all – just what the Raptor was designed to do.

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