All-American Ford Panel Van Wears Its Colors Proudly

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1959 All-American Ford Panel Van

Super-patriotic 1959 Ford Panel Van is a favorite at Fourth of July parades, and a beloved memory for its owner.

There are many ways to dress up your Ford for the Fourth of July, from window and (if you’re feeling presidential, fender) flags, to big-ass flags flying high and free in the bed. And if you wanted to go all out in a hurry, you could (vinyl) wrap your F-150 in the Stars and Stripes, too.

But if you plan ahead for next year’s fireworks, you can have something like this All-American 1959 Ford Panel Van featured in the Houston Chronicle. Owned by Eric Goff, this F-Series panel van has been a part of his life since he was a little kid, first spotting the van in his neighbor’s garage.

1959 All-American Ford Panel Van

Over the years, Goff and the van’s previous owner, Eric “Poppy” Moore bonded over the van, eventually helping with Moore’s plans for it, as well as participating in various parades and car shows. In time, the van would become the ultimate parade cruiser, equipped with as many lights and horns as possible to thrill all along the parade route.

1959 All-American Ford Panel Van

Goff became the van’s current owner upon Moore’s passing from dementia in April of this year. He says this patriotic ride—which gained its current look in 1990—is but one part of his treasured memories with Moore, adding that he would honor Moore’s wishes to continue “his parade tradition” for as long as he’s able. We couldn’t agree more.

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