Raptor Big Brake Kit by Alcon Adds Serious Stopping Power

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Alcon’s aftermarket brakes for the Raptor run cooler, last longer, and don’t cost a fortune.

We dare say that 99% of the folks who buy a new Ford Raptor will be satisfied with its stock settings. After all, this is a truck that can conquer virtually anything in its path without breaking a sweat — trust us. Performance both on and off the road is more than adequate for the majority of the population. Heck, most folks won’t even come close to maxing out the super Ford’s capabilities at all. But for the rest of us who live in 1%-ville, rest assured, because there are companies producing parts that improve on the Raptor’s already impressive capabilities.

Raptor Brake Upgrade

Alcon is one of those companies. The Illinois based company already has a Raptor big brake upgrade kit on the market. How much of an upgrade, you ask? How about a 10% reduction in disc temperature, 15% less pedal effort, and 33% reduction in pad work rate? All of that scientific jargon essentially means that your leg won’t get as tired while your brakes run cooler and last longer. Sounds like a win-win to us!

Raptor Brake Upgrade

The Alcon Raptor big brake kit achieves all of that through serious equipment. The front brake kit consists of 6-piston calipers and 13.6″ rotors. Out back, you’ll find 4-piston calipers and 14″ rotors. The kit also uses high temperature seals developed in motorsport applications, and dust seals to prevent degraded performance in dusty conditions. The low profile design even allows you to keep your OEM wheels. In addition, the kit includes lines, hardware, and pads in the box.

Alcon’s front brake kit runs a cool $3,300, while the rear set will set you back another $2,700. While not cheap, they’re nowhere close to high-end sports car applications.

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