Alaskan Ford F-150 Build Is a Platinum Prerunner

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Ford F-150

Die-hard Ford fan owns one of the most unique F-150 builds you’ll ever see. And he doesn’t care if you like it or not!

Ford F-150 builds, like any form of expression or art, are very much subjective. For every positive comment we see following the trucks we post about, we’re bound to see a negative one. There are, after all, few constants in life. Death, taxes, and mixed opinions chiefly among them. Some love slammed and bagged lowriders, other loathe them. But when it comes to “Big Stew” and the truck he calls “Project Xcalibur,” he doesn’t really care what you think.

Because, you see, this is a man who built his Ford F-150 into the truck of his dreams. Not yours. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, now is there? We happen to think that Big Stew’s ride is pretty darn cool, but it’s also very unique. Because while you might think at first glance that this truck is based on a Raptor, it’s actually a Platinum-trimmed F-150. Why would anyone build a Platinum prerunner, you ask? Well, because he wanted to!

Ford F-150

Big Stew also points out in a post that he’s proud that “Xcalibur is the only one of its kind in the state of Alaska.” Which is good enough for us. Sporting the same kind of long-travel suspension as the Raptor but with massive 37-inch tires, this F-150 also has all the luxury items you’d expect in a high-end truck. And just check out the dramatic visual changes it’s undergone!

Ford F-150

In the end, Big Stew built the truck of his dreams and he loves it. We’re guessing he has no problem navigating those brutal Alaskan winters, either. Be sure and check out his awesome F-150 on Instagram, where you’ll find countless incredible photos of the truck. Along with plenty of other awesome Fords, too!

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