Alan Jackson’s Ford Country: Throwback Thursday

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Ford-enamoured Alan Jackson sings about the F-Series line of trucks in this country music throwback TV commercial.

Not long ago we brought you Alan Jackson’s first “Ford Country” commercial from the late ’90s. If you enjoyed hearing and seeing the country music superstar sing about your favorite trucks, you are in luck – because we found a second ad from the same advertising campaign!

In the first commercial, Alan Jackson sings about Ford trucks while several guys do “guy stuff,” like going fishing, grilling steaks, playing fetch with a dog, and hitting biker bar – all with a Ford F-Series pickup truck, of course.

This second commercial is another chock-full of manly stuff, but this Alan Jackson production shows hard-nosed men using Ford trucks to do their jobs. In other words – play time is over, and it’s time to do work.

Alan Jackson

Of course, along with quickly telling the stories of these roughnecks, we see Ford trucks romping through the mud, towing things, hauling things and generally being good at everything a hard working man could throw at them.

The Alan Jackson “Ford Country” advertising campaign was obviously aimed at blue collar folks who loved country music. Personally, we think it’s a catchy tune and a pleasure to enjoy many years after its debut thanks to the Classic Car Channel.

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