Aged to Perfection Fifth Gen Ford F-250 Camper is Ready to Go

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This softly-aged rare manual transmission 1967 F-250 is by far the cleanest out of the sparse selection of fifth gen Camper Specials selling this Summer. Fellas over at BaT spotlighted this high-payload Ford pickup for it’s unrestored tastefully aged condition, documented service history and factory focused up-keep of mechanicals and aesthetics. The owner reports an odometer touch over 68,000 miles of which 4k trouble-free miles were put on last year. Listed here on eBay it’s turned into a hot commodity with a bidding war just days into the auction.

The story on this Utah-based Fleetside 2WD 250’s low-milege is it’s original owner bought it specially to go camping-in leaving it resting in a carport the other 11 months out of the year. Recently passing in ownership from one family member to another the current owner put on new headers, side-exhaust, Cooper tires, new master cylinder and overhauled brakes. If you examine the pictures they show these updates along with orienting shots of the pickups straight as an arrow bed and body, spotty surface rusting and minor dents around. The bed looks super nice for it’s age, still black as its exterior. The undercarriage is also rusty but neither the seller, BaT or myself see any rot indicating it’s clear for take-off.

Powering this 250 is a 352 ci Ford V8 engine cycling through a floor-shifted four-speed manual transmission kicking out the back tires. As a ‘Camper’ edition ready to accept massive payloads Ford must’ve fitted this engine and transmission with better cooling, electronics and a special final drive. Matching brute power is tweaking the carriage properly which Ford equipped this model with a beefier suspension. Nothing signaling any ‘Camping’ edition inside but the red interior sure does match it’s black exterior well. The bench is ripped but the rest of interior works like a charm. All the controls and electronics are in working order from the gauges, doors, windows, lights, radio and exterior lighting.



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