Is This the Actual Blue on the Ford GT?

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All-New Ford GT

Ever since Ford pulled the covers off their entirely new performance lineup of vehicles in Detroit back in January, including the new Ford GT, people have been enamored with the Liquid Blue paint scheme.

Sadly, that color was a show car only color, but now we might have proof of what the final blue will be on the GT.

All-New Ford GT

Quietly posted onto the Ford media site recently are the photos you see in this post. This blue is clearly a different shade of blue than originally appeared on the prototypes, and might actually be the version that the final production car will see.

All-New Ford GT

The original Liquid Blue was a multi-step process that significantly increased the weight of the vehicle. Yes, paint is heavy. But we’ve heard from sources that Ford was working on a blue that was similar, but not nearly as complicated or as heavy as the Liquid Blue.

All-New Ford GT

It appears that maybe this is the result of their work.

There still are a lot of unknowns regarding the new Ford GT. ford is still working on dealership allocations at this point, so even if you have the money to buy one, you might not have a dealership that will be authorized to sell you one.

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It also appears that the 250 a year prediction might hold true. If that’s the case, don’t expect to see many of these $400,000 supercars roaming the streets.

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