A Teen’s Dream Machine: 1967 Ford F-250 Highboy Build

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When it comes to building up Ford trucks, the Highboy is a popular choice. Of course, it is a good choice as well. Many people have chosen to take on these rigs for projects, and how they turn out can often be stunning. As for today’s build, we’ll be looking at the superb 1967 F-250 Highboy project that’s been taken on by FTE member crozzymoto.

Crozzymoto is just sixteen years old, and has spent the last year working on his outstanding ride. His dad surprised him with the rig after they’d gone to look at it together, and it appears to have been a worthwhile surprise. He has done a great deal to the ride, including removing the cab, bed, and engine. He sent the cab and the bed off to be professionally sand-blasted, which turned out great. He also took the time to begin some body work.

FTE Build

This dedicated teenager plans to restore the rig back to stock condition, though he doesn’t plan to do much more. He may add some “go-fast” parts to the rig along the way, which we definitely won’t argue against!

Go check out his build thread and show your support!


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