A Scrappy 1963 F-600 Dump Truck Build

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When you’re at the scrapyard and see a local farmer towing in his old 1963 F-600 dump truck for scrap, there’s not a single Ford truck enthusiast who wouldn’t feel compelled to do something. After all, not only is the rig a classic, but it is also a very unique vehicle that stands out from all the rest. To save it from destruction would be the honorable step to take, and that’s exactly what FTE member SuperHatch decided to do.

Though the dump truck wasn’t in great shape, it did actually run and drive when SuperHatch purchased it off the farmer, for the same cost as the scrapyard was willing to give him. Still, the ride definitely needed some love and care to get it to where it needed to be! And in order to do this, SuperHatch decided to purchase another abstract rig — a 1995 International 3800 School Bus. He is currently in the process of swapping the F-600 onto the school bus chassis, which actually seem to have been a wonderful choice.

Though it’s definitely a big job, SuperHatch has been admirable progress and is continuing to move toward the goal of getting the entire rig moved over to it’s new base. Go check out his build thread and show your support!

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