2017 Ford Escape Gets 15 Percent More Storage Space

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Focus groups and brainstorming sessions are valuable, but sometimes great ideas come out of real-world problems.

Zulf Ali, a senior interior designer at Ford, got one when he couldn’t find room to store his phone, wallet, and sunglasses when he drove his wife’s 2014 Escape. Frustrated with the lack of space, he set about giving the 2017 Escape more of it.

The emergency brake handle took up a lot of valuable so-called “Manhattan real estate” in the center console area, so Ali had it replaced with a smaller e-brake button. That allowed Ali and his crew to move the shifter back. That not only freed up a spot for a media bin and power ports, but allowed for more comfortable positioning of the driver’s right arm while driving.


In front of and behind the relocated shifter are more bins designed to fit everyday items such as phones, keys, and wallets. The center console is a little wider than it was before and has cup holders that can fit a wider variety of bottles (perhaps the new Fusion served as a helpful example of how to design them). The front storage area allows access to a lighted USB port and 12-volt outlet. There’s another USB port in the main bin, which is now 50 percent bigger than it was in the outgoing Escape.

A cargo net on the passenger side can fit more stuff in it. On top of all that, the glovebox has been redesigned to make it easier to store and access gear.

Thanks to all of these changes, the 2017 Ford Escape has 25 percent more front-row storage space and 15 percent more overall storage capacity than the model it replaces.

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