A Labor of Love – Building a 1966 Ford F-100 EcoBoost

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Let’s face it, there is nothing like the creature comforts, safety, and overall performance of a modern car. But, sometimes, and just sometimes, modern vehicles lack the style and appeal of a classic cars and trucks of decades past. That is the reason people like Randy, a.k.a. “BOSS9F100” here on Ford-Trucks.com, started this project.


Randy’s father bought a red on red fourth generation F-100 brand new in 1965. In the mid 80’s, Randy was given his father’s truck, but due to unfortunate circumstances had to sell the it shortly after.

In 2012, he found this almost identical 1966 F100 for sale in Arizona, where he resides. The asking price was $300 and Randy snatched it up almost immediately.

Randy has 4 other 1965-66 F-Series trucks, so he knew when he brought this one home, he wanted to do a build different than the others and that is where the EcoBoost came into play.


A 2011 F-150 3.5-liter EcoBoost was found and had been in a pretty bad wreck from the rear. It was a perfect candidate to donate its heart to the F-100.

Randy, not wanting to just swap in a new engine, was also on the lookout for a useable frame. He ended up buying a 126” wheelbase frame from Ford to put under his truck which allotted him to attach all of the usable modern parts from the donor 2011 truck.


This labor of love project isn’t complete, but it’s moving along. Randy has the truck running and relatively streetable, as seen in the video below. We are very much looking forward to seeing this project finished.

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