A Ford Ranger That Thinks It is a Motorcycle

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FTE Jump

Chances are if you’re doing something you wouldn’t want your parents to know about, you might want to question doing it. While this is not always true, most of us do get that little voice in the back of our head that says that mother would be angry if you decided to run across the street naked and graffiti the neighbor’s truck. There are just certain things that wouldn’t be approved of, and usually these things have to do with bad judgement. But regardless of what one’s parents might say, bad judgement makes for great entertainment!

In this video we actually hear one of the cameramen talking to his friend, saying that he would “rather not tell his dad about it.” This is the first sign that what’s about to happen might not, well, be the smartest thing to do.¬†And while we wouldn’t say that what happens in the video is the worst we’ve ever seen, one definitely wouldn’t use the word “smart” to describe it.

In the video we see two guys in an old, beaten up Ford Ranger charging directly toward a motocross jump. They soar into the air, and then the nose dive down. This causes a, to put it lightly, “rough” landing. Thankfully both of the riders were wearing helmet, since they seem to not have been expecting an impact quite that harsh!

Check out the video below and see these guys have some fun!

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