A Ford Bronco Gets Thrown Off a 300′ Cliff

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FTE Jump

While we wouldn’t say that chucking different vehicles off the side of a 300 foot cliff is the pastime of your average Joe, we wouldn’t go as far to say that it wasn’t enjoyable.¬†After all, it is quite a fun thing to see cars and trucks careening to their demise with enthusiastic spectators looking on. Well, it’s fun if the ride is something that seems worthy of destruction, that is.

This week’s video does, in fact, show rides being tossed off the side of a 300 foot cliff. Why? Well, why not? The first rig to meet its end is a Geo Tracker, which seems rather fitting. However, seeing the second ride, a Ford Bronco, roaring as it soars through the air might be a bit harder to watch.

While we’re sad to see it go, we have mixed emotions of both excitement and devastation at its destruction. The poor Ford looks more like a pancake than a truck after it hits the ground, so we have the feeling that close to nothing, if anything at all, will be salvageable on the ride!

Check out the video below and see this Bronco take its final flight!

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