A Cheesy 2011 Ford Ad from Evans, Georgia

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Georgia 2011 ford ad

Modern local dealership ads are usually pretty goofy, focusing on humor before filling the screen with company b-roll videos and graphics announcing special pricing – and this 2011 ad from a Ford dealership in Evans, Georgia, is a perfect example of just such a commercial.

The spot starts off with two guys sitting in the bed of a new Ford F150 with one playing the guitar while the other sings. Fortunately, another member of the dealership team steps in to stop them, offering up a bunch of information on discount 2011 F-150 pricing rather than a song and dance. That is when the b-roll action begins, with company footage of the F-150, the Ford Fusion and the Ford Escape on the road while explaining all of the discounts available back in the latter portion of the 2011 model year.

This commercial is cheesy, but this is just the kind of local ad that can drive customers to the dealerships with specific pricing. However, since just listing the prices doesn’t attract an audience, the action prior to the pricing into hooked viewers’ attention before hitting them when the numbers.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!



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