A Biased Guide to the 2019 Silverado and 2018 F-150

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A Ford truck owner compares a 2019 Silverado with a 2018 Ford F-150, and we understand why he sticks with Ford.

In this video from Town and Country TV, run by Charlotte, N.C.-based dealership Town and Country Ford, host Mitchell Watts puts the big gun of the truck market next to one of the also-rans in the same price range. We already know the 2018 Ford F-150 is a better all-around truck than the 2019 Silverado, but Watts takes the time to make sure it’s a fair and considerate bashing of the Silverado.

There are many ways to describe the 2019 Silverado body style at the front, and “interesting” would be the polite way. Watts says, “To me, this front end looks a little over-engineered.” We say, it looks like someone at Chevy has spent too much time sitting in traffic looking at the rear-end of Toyota Prius. Of course, looks are subjective and Watt also points out that the new aesthetic also finally brings the Silverado up to date with airflow management that the F-Series has been using since 2015.

Guide to the 2019 Silverado and 2018 F-150

One of our favorite moments is when Watts shows the Silverado’s “soft-open” tailgate and then realizes it sounds tinny. He immediately moves across to opens then close the F-150 tailgate to hear a nice firm clunk. Watts points out something most of us will agree with: “You can tell quality … the fit and the finish in the way a door shuts or a door opens or tailgate opens.” He also shows how the material inside the Silverado’s tailgate is actually plastic. He wonders how that will hold up over time and we shake our heads at Chevy cutting corners.

We already know the towing capacity of the 2019 Silverado is lower than the F-150, so the next particularly interesting comparison is inside the trucks. Like Watts, we can’t fathom why Chevy doesn’t offer a center console shifter on any of their Silverado models. And that’s just one indicator of just how Ford is paying more attention to space and functionality.

Watt brings up the difference in attention to detail in the back of the cab, but also with something as simple as storage in the center console. He shows us that, “In the F-150 you can fit 2 full-size laptops into there and it’s also a full hanging file folder system. It looks like Silverado did the same thing but it is width-wise, whereas Ford was able to do it from front to back. That’s how much bigger the center console is.”

The takeaway we get from this video is that Chevrolet just doesn’t put as much thought into how their trucks are used day-to-day as Ford does. Chevy seems to miss the point of how that is just as important as all-round durability, strength, and space are to a truck. Those are things Chevy always seem to be behind on anyway, and a trendy front-end that will be out of date faster than a teenagers shoes just doesn’t make up for it.

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Ian Wright is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and 6SpeedOnline, among other auto sites. Check out his podcast Both Hand Drive.

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