This ’33 Roadster Has a 550-Cubic-Inch Ford V8 Under the Hood

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33 Roadster

The ’33 Ford Roadster is perhaps one of the most quintessential hot rods on the planet. Everyone and their brother has either owned one, built one, or knew a guy that let them play with one at some point in their life.


However, the ’33 Ford Roadster isn’t exactly known for its supreme handling or drivability. Rather, it’s really just known for its good looks and its ability to make noise. This one though, this one’s been thoroughly modified to both look good, and take corners.


On this week’s Big Muscle, Mike Musto finds a ’33 Ford Roadster with some serious performance credentials, both in a straight line, and around twisty mountain roads. Is this type of hot rodding sacrilege, or is it how muscle cars and hot rods will bridge the generational gap between baby boomers and millennials?

Personally, we think this ’33 Ford Roadster is absolutely awesome and we’d sign up for more hot rod events if more of these would show up. Check out /Drive’s latest video below.

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