A 1962 Mercury Unibody Build That Needs Love. A Lot.

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1962 Mercury

Sometimes the hardest part of a build is just getting started. Planning everything that needs to be done, getting the materials together, and sucking it up and going for the goal — that’s not always as easy as some people make it seem.

There will always be outside pressure trying to get the owner to change their plans and ideas, and there will always be critics out there who bash the build as a whole.

For anyone who has ever taken on such an endeavor, I’m sure we can all agree that this is a draining process.

FTE Build

Still, FTE member Brucekoukalaka decided to pick up his tools and finally get started on his 1962 Mercury Unibody build. Though he still has a ways to go, we’re proud of him for taking that first step toward the endgame.

His ride has a seized engine, a broken shifter, a destroyed hood, and a bit of cancer. But don’t fear! He has already found a 360 cubic inch motor to drop in, plans to put in a four speed transmission, will be replacing the hood with one from a Ford, and is currently looking for some new rims!


This build is just getting started, but Brucekoukalaka seems to have a solid plan of action and is prepare to dive right in! Go check out his build thread and show your support!

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