A 12-Year-Old Took His Dad’s Ford F-150 on a Joy Ride

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A 12-year-old Virginia boy recently decided to take a day off from school a la Ferris Bueller. However, instead of zooming around in a vintage Ferrari, he drove his dad’s last-generation Ford F-150.

He ended up driving it 300 miles south into South Carolina’s Marion County before getting pulled over for erratic driving by South Carolina Highway Patrol.

Not only did the authorities find the young middle school-skipper in a truck that clearly didn’t belong to him, but they discovered two guns in the pickup with him. The video below doesn’t make the source of the guns clear. They could’ve belonged to the boy’s father and already been in the F-150. Perhaps the kid did take them from his parents’ house and even intended to do something harmful with them. Either way, it’s good news to hear that no one got hurt.

After the young man was stopped, he was taken to a juvenile detention center. He’ll probably be a hit with his fellow attendees after he tells them this crazy story, which makes me wonder: How old were you when you first drove a Ford F-150?

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via [WTVR.com]

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