Female-focused ’90s Ford Ad Is a Sign o’ the Times: Throwback Thursday

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Women buy just as many vehicles as men, so it is surprising that we don’t see more Ford ads like this one from the Grunge Era.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video comes to us from the YouTube channel of Tuck Watts and it features a commercial for the Ford Explorer and Windstar with an obvious emphasis on female buyers. Even though women are just as likely to go shopping for a new vehicle as men, commercials of this type are rare, even today.

1997 Ford Explorer

Focusing on Female Buyers

Statistics have show that women buy just as many new vehicles as men and in some segments, women are more likely to be involved with the purchasing decisions. Back in the 1990s, minivans were all the rage when it came to the hottest family vehicles, but sport utility vehicles were growing on popularity. With that in mind, the Atlanta Ford Dealers group made this commercial focusing on female buyers, showcasing the Windstar and Explorer with a pair of expecting mothers talking about why they picked a Ford.

Considering the number of female new-car shoppers, it is surprisingly that we don’t see more commercials that clearly focus on women. While commercials feature plenty of women, few take the approach of this regional spot from the 1990s.

1997 Windstar Commercial

All About Safety

The commercial begins with the two expecting mothers explaining that they chose a Ford because of their strong safety ratings. Both the Explorer and Windstar were at the head of their respective segments in terms of safety features, and both mothers felt that safety was the most important aspect of the vehicle.

In addition to showing these two vehicles in action with the families, this regional commercial from 1997 discusses the various discounts available at the time that the commercial would have aired in the Atlanta area.

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