Month of May Marks 90 Years Since Model T Production Ended

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Model T

The iconic Model T rode off into the sunset mid-year, as the world prepared for Ford’s next creation.

The automotive industry simply wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for Henry Ford and the Model T. The “Tin Lizzy,” as it’s affectionately known, literally changed the game of automotive manufacturing. It also made the dream of owning a car an affordable reality for most. For those reasons alone, it’s worth pouring one out for the Model T today.

The very last Tin Lizzy rolled off Ford’s assembly line exactly 90 years ago, in 1927. Appropriately, none other than Henry Ford himself, with son Edsel in tow, drove the 15 millionth Model T off the line. That simple, short ride marked the end of an era, and perhaps the most iconic (and most important) vehicle ever produced.

Model T

When the car debuted in 1908, only a wealthy few owned automobiles. And the ones they had were rather primitive and unreliable. After the Model T, folks could get a Ford for $850, or as little as $260 later on. As people began to buy them, even the government was forced to get busy building roads. At the time, U.S. roads were a total joke (even more so than today… zing!).

But alas, the old Model T couldn’t keep up with the now quickly growing automotive industry. Only six years later, it was outdated and getting replaced by the more modern Model A. And since that fateful May afternoon back in 1927, no car has ever made as big an impact on the world, and probably never will.

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