YouTuber Buys a Raptor, Gets Unexpected Dose of Reality

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Lamborghini-owning ‘Will Motivation’ expected his Raptor to ride like a sports car, and now he’s disappointed. Cue the violins.

If you have been hoping to watch a Lamborghini-owning YouTuber who knows nothing about trucks complain about the new Ford F-150 Raptor, we have a treat for you. After owning this new Raptor for a little over three months, “Will Motivation” put together a video discussing all of the things that he likes and dislikes about it. Mostly, he just talks about what he doesn’t like about it, focusing on the fact that it rides too rough and that the twin turbo V6 doesn’t perform like a naturally aspirated V8.

Will is Not a Truck Guy

Ford Trucks Enthusiast

During the course of this rambling, 19-minute video, the host explains that he is not a truck guy. He makes a point of mentioning that he has a Lamborghini several times and he runs through a list of other trucks that he has owned in the past, but he stresses that he is not a truck guy.

Anyone watching this video will be able to recognize that pretty quickly, but it was nice of him to point it out to those who couldn’t tell just based on his comments. Not only is it clear that he is not a truck guy, but it becomes evident that he really didn’t know much about the Raptor when he bought it – leading to most of his complaints.

The Dislikes

Will Motivation Reviews his Raptor

The host starts off by listing what he does not like about the truck, but really, that he spends the bulk of the video going on and on about the things that he doesn’t like.

He doesn’t like Auto Start/Stop and he doesn’t like that you have to turn it off every time he starts the truck. He also insists that it doesn’t help with fuel economy, so in his mind, and engine that is not running uses the same amount of fuel that an engine that is running.

He doesn’t like that the Raptor – a purpose-built off-road truck – rides too rough. He really drives this point home, as he is surprised that this high-riding F-150 doesn’t ride as smoothly as a sports car. He actually says that at one point, so it seems that he didn’t know that his off-road truck wouldn’t ride like his Lamborghini.

He doesn’t like the brakes, insisting that they are not strong enough to stop a vehicle of the Raptor’s size.

He doesn’t like the torque curve of the Raptor’s unique EcoBoost engine. He prefers naturally aspirated engines and he doesn’t like that he has to wait a second for the turbochargers to spool up.

The ride quality, the power delivery and the brakes are all something that he should have noticed when test-driving the Raptor before buying it, but in any case, he doesn’t like any of the performance aspects of the high-performance F-150.

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