9 Easy Ways to Save When Insuring your F-150

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As Ford F-150
drivers already know, full-size trucks can cost a fortune to insure. If
you’re paying too much to insure your F-150, why not shop around for a
more affordable policy? Rates vary widely by insurer, and not all
insurers offer low-cost rates to owners of full-size trucks, so
shopping around could save you hundreds of dollars each year. There are
plenty of effective ways to keep costs low. Here are 9 easy ways to
save money:

1. Increase Your Deductible

Increasing your deductible will lower your premium significantly.
Filing a claim will cost you more out-of-pocket, but if you’re a safe
driver who doesn’t file claims often, you might save a bundle in the
long run.

2. Multi-Line Insurance Discounts

The most under-recognized car insurance discount is one of the best: a
multi-line discount. According to the Insurance Information Institute,
purchasing your auto and home insurance policies with the same company
could save you up to 15 percent on both premiums.

3. Good Student and Senior Discounts

Students with good grades often receive lower auto insurance premiums,
as many companies feel conscientious students make conscientious
drivers. Similarly, insurance companies value the wisdom of experienced
drivers, offering discounts to drivers over 50.

4. Safe Driver Discounts

It’s tempting to let loose and zip around town like a race car driver in an F-150,
but if your driving record is clear of tickets and accidents in the
past three to five years, ask your insurer if you’re eligible to save
money with a safe driver discount. If your insurer doesn’t offer this
discount, search for an insurer who does.

5. Discounts for Safety Features

Many car insurance companies offer discounts for…(Continue reading 9 Easy Ways to Save When Insuring your F-150)


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