This 820 Horsepower Mustang Shows Mopar Boys What Power Looks Like

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In the muscle car world, there is basically nothing that can touch the Hellcat. At 707 supercharged ponies, Dodge’s creation holds the power crown. Chevy’s best answer is the 645 hp Camaro ZL1, but the Mustang is even farther down the list with the Shelby GT350 making just 562 horsepower. Thankfully Ford makes a great motor, and the aftermarket is taking up the slack in the hellcat fight.

The latest company to throw their hat into the ring goes by the name GeigerCars. They started with a regular GT and then slapped a 2.9L supercharger on the Coyote 5.0. From there they cranked up the boost until the power crossed the 800 hp mark. To handle the extra stress, the motor has been fully built with forged internals.

Along with the supercharger, a custom exhaust and intake system was fitted to make sure the motor can inhale and exhale as necessary, and GeigerCars even gave the suspension system a once over to up the performance factor even farther.

In the visual department you will find a full carbon fiber body kit, new grille and new lightweight 20-inch rolling stock. This kit looks pretty great, but it’s very similar to the GT350 in appearance. Considering this machine will cost you right around $125,000 we would expect it to look a lot more interesting than its $50k Shelby cousin.

Still, if you know a few Mopar fanboys who need to be put in their place and you don’t mind spending some extra coin to do it, head over to and place an order.

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