8 Products That Ensure the Guy at the Auto Parts Store is Silently Judging You

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There are many things you can grab at the auto parts store, most of it will benefit your vehicle for the better. However, there are products that fall into an “as seen on TV” category. Things that are questionable enough to make you pause as you walk by and wonder who the hell is buying this thing?


1. Fast Food Swivel Tray


Eating fast food in your car should be an impromptu act of desperation. You’re running late, or maybe even those hot salty fries can’t wait until you get home, but please don’t make it a regular thing. Certainly not to the point of buying a tray and installing it into your car so that you can go to town on a meal while you traverse the city.


2. Fake Bullet Hole Stickers

Bullet Holes

Why in the holy hell would someone ever want to portray the image that they have become a target of a shooting?! These stickers are really up there in terms of bad taste and ridiculousness. People, if for some reason this seems like even  a remotely good idea to you, just please don’t carry it out.


3. Fake Hood Pins

Hood Pins

Are you going so fast that your hood might catch air and pop up? If not, then you have no need for hood pins. On top of that, these aren’t even real pins. If you do get the cajones to regularly exceed the speed limit with a sketch hood, then you need to stop and go home.


4. Whistle Tips


If you purchase this and it’s not as a joke, you are a terrible person. Period. End. Do not pass go. Roll Credits. A simple YouTube search will yield video after video of the awful sound these things emit. The time will be short before the neighbors start committing acts of vengeance upon you.


5. Fake Vents


The discomfort on this one from posing so hard makes even my back hurt a little. If your car didn’t come from the factory with a vent on the hood or body, then don’t add fake ones. It is perpetuating an image that your car needs these extra inlets and vents to get rid of or suck in extra air to help your car. But it doesn’t, and the vents go nowhere. In the words of Frozen, let it go.


6. Fake Sunroof

Faux Sunroof

So what happens when someone gets into your car and sees that you don’t actually have a sunroof? Are you going to pull a Matrix and tell them the sunroof is there but they have to open their mind to see it? Choose the red pill and decide to forgo this silly mod.


7. Wire Mesh Grilles


I have never seen a car that actually looks good with this. If you can prove me wrong, then go right ahead.


8. Leather / Vinyl Bras


Contrary to what they are made for, the majority of these actually scrape and scratch the paint it is supposed to protect. Retro points for sure, but as for usefulness, I’m going to say no thanks.



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