8 Cheap Mods to Do Right Now on Your Ford Truck

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Got some time to kill? Browse this list of inexpensive and relatively quick mods to do to your Ford F-150 or Super Duty today.


1. Grille Lights

Grille Lights

Installing lights behind the grille of your F-150 or Super Duty is an easy mod that will only cost you the price of the bulbs, which start at around $10 for a set of three on eBay.


2. Locking Gas Cap

Locking Gas Cap

Want to spruce up your fuel tank cap? Upgrade to a locking cap for around $20. There are plenty of styles and designs to choose from online.


3. Letter Stickers/Inserts

Stickers Inserts

Starting at around $15, you can add lettered decal stickers to your truck, specifically on the dash or tailgate. They come in acrylic and chrome finishes for a more polished look.


4. LED Bulbs


If you’ve got an older truck or just want to see better inside the cabin, then why not upgrade the interior by replacing the lights with LED bulbs? Your interior will be brighter and retain a more modern look as a result. You can replace all of the interior lights for around $50. This job simply requires prying off the light covers to access the bulbs.


5. Paint Exterior Plastic Parts

Exterior parts

Customizing the plastic panels and covers around the exterior of your truck is as easy and inexpensive as purchasing a can of Krylon paint or Plasti-Dip, which cost from $10-15. Have scuffed up bumpers that need to be retouched, or want a new look for your door handles? Although it’s a temporary solution, this is the cheapest option around for making these parts look fresh.


6. Side marker Lights

Sidemarker Lights

Side markers are subtle add-ons that are  also very inexpensive. You can place them above the running boards or wherever you prefer for more visibility.  The cost varies, but generally, you can obtain a set of LED side markers for around $30.


7. LED Dashboard Backing Lights


Replacing the backing lights in the dashboard with custom-colored LEDs is a cool upgrade you’ll visually enjoy every time you get into the driver’s seat, particularly at night.  Installation requires removing the gauge cluster and simply inserting LEDs in the dash sockets. You’ll save cash on doing this upgrade yourself, and you can find packs of dash bulbs for as low as $10 online.


8. Restore the Headlights


The plastic lenses of your Ford truck’s headlights can become foggy or faded as time persists, partially due to UV degradation. Headlight lenses that are obstructed by this layer of oxidation decrease the output of the lights, causing a potential visibility issue. In order to regain the full functionality of your headlights, it’s recommended (and cheaper) to restore the lenses rather than replace the headlights altogether. Check out this DIY guide on Ford-trucks.com. Headlight restoration kits start at $15!


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For more information, DIY articles, and repair guides, visit https://www.ford-trucks.com/how-tos.

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